5 Best Traditional Scottish Pubs

Scotland is known for so many cool pubs and drinking spots; you will never find it difficult to have a good drink whenever you are in this part of the world. Here are five of the best spots for a good time in Scotland.

1. The Clachaig Inn

Located in the heart of Glencoe, the Clachaig in is very popular around town, and it is famous for the hills that surround the pub. This bar has been in business for more than 300 years and has continued to serve the local Highlanders looking for a warm drink in an icy night the bar has changed much, but you will find other pubs hanging around within the same district. The pub is warm and inviting, with a friendly atmosphere. You will see rustic tables, open fires, stone floors and excited locals having a good time. The pub also plays live countryside music and offers delicious local dishes.

2. The Drovers Inn

If you are looking for a proper old Inn that brings back the feeling of the 16th century, then this is your best bet. This pub was established in 1705 and was a favorite pub for highland drovers that reared their cattle down the side of Loch Lomond. At the entrance of the bar is a full grown stuffed grizzly bear used to welcome visitors. The furniture and décor you will find here look precisely like two centuries ago, and the place maintains that vintage aura of old pubs. You will find a wide selection of wine, beer, and whiskey; you will enjoy a good variety of local delicacies.

3. The Old Forge

This pub made it to the Guinness Book of World Records as the most remote pub in mainland Britain but is nevertheless, the bar is very lively and accessible in Scotland. This place serves some of the best Seafood; you will enjoy tasty scallops fresh from the ocean and washed down with good wine. You will find the locals warm and welcoming, and there are willing to share some of your experience in their village.

4. The Port O’Leith Bar

This is one of the best drinking spots in Edinburgh. The bar is owned by the most famous landlady in Scotland—Mary Moriarty. The pub is not that pretty but has the theme that suits rugged sailors that just arrived the busy port. The sea greatly influenced the décor of this place; you will find ship flags in the ceiling, sailor caps, postcards and other personal effects lying around. Anyway, the bar is not exclusively for sailors and welcomes travelers from all over the world. You can spend any money you bring as the pub accepts the world’s major currencies. This is a real drinking spot, so don’t come here looking to eat a nice meal, the most you can get is a pie, but you will enjoy plenty beer.

5. The Halfway House

If you ever find yourself in the old town of Edinburgh and looking for a place to eat and drink, you should check out this small pub for a good time. The bar lies between Cockburn Street and the Market, this makes it hidden, but it worth searching for as it is a right place.