A Cocktail Connoisseurs Guide to the UK

Cocktails are some of the most creative types of alcoholic beverages in the world, allowing a good bartender or mixologist to work much as a chef would to find the perfect mix of certain ingredients. Finding the wonderful combination of the alcohol percentage and the taste is a very difficult thing to do and this is why good cocktail makers and cocktail bars are well respected. Many people enjoy their drinks, but the last word regarding quality and taste will fall to the official critics of the industry. But if you just enjoy cocktails and want to try something new, we definitely recommend visiting the UK, where you can sample some of the best cocktail all the while enjoying your travels.

Where to Go

Alberts Schloss is located in Manchester and has a very strong Bavarian feel to it.  Serving delicious food and probably the best beer in the region, you can also be sure to find some of the most interesting cocktails in the city. If your traveling companion happens to be a furry one that’s ok too, as dogs are more than welcome. The cocktail menu boasts international recipes alongside some home-made ones that will surely be to your taste.

Bokan is located just near the docks in London. This venue has a unique terrace from which you can admire the boats passing and take some of the most beautiful pictures of the city. The bar has a very attractive and minimalist design to it and in addition they serve amazing food. Most important, however, is the cocktail menu featuring some of the most interesting and innovative cocktail recipes in London which with every sip will add to the unique experience of London and the nearby river.

BYOC City is also located in London and definitely a unique place because it serves no alcohol! Don’t panic, you will still get a wonderful cocktail. The innovation here is that you supply your own type of alcohol, bring it to the bar and for an extra charge you will get a cocktail unlike any other. This most interesting bar has an interior reminiscent of old 40s England adding a unique atmosphere in which to enjoy your cocktail.

The Dead Canary is located in Cardiff and is an award-winning bar. The interior is designed in the style of the beautiful 20s and the cocktails definitely reflect that theme also. Even the dress code of the staff is true to the period and you definitely feel like you are entering a different era. This is a truly unique experience where you will also discover some very old cocktail recipes that were enjoyed more than 80 years ago.

The Devil’s Advocate is located in old town, Edinburgh. Victorian on the outside and very modern on the inside, it is well-known for having the best whiskey in the region that will satisfy even the harshest critic and the range of cocktails is quite extensive.

Add this to the overall ambience and you have a recipe for a wonderful night out!