Cocktails You Must Try While in the UK

The Screwball

The screwball is a perfect sip to enjoy after a long and tiring day; this dessert cocktail is a drink for all. It blends white chocolate foam, Briottet blue curacao, bubblegum, apple, and lime. It’s a fabulous choice for people with sweet tooth. It no doubt isn’t for everyone but if you’re looking for a little something sweet this will do the trick.

Mad Hatters

Made from vodka, elderflower liqueur, water bubble, citron gomme, and Cointreau blended with strawberries, orange, and mint before preserved in a conical flask designed with white crystals at the bottom. It sounds like there are many ingredients in this cocktail and that it is complicated to make but it is well worth it, the flavor is unmistakable.

Smokey Old Fashioned

There is no argument when it comes to the Old Fashioned – simple and delicious. There is no doubt this cocktail is every bartenders Pride. This delicious twist on the classic concoction is made from maple syrup, Bitters (Jerry Thomas), a large ice ball, smoke from burnt oak chips and Woodford reserve whiskey. It is a bit sweeter than the conventional old fashioned.

Beyond the Kale

Fun and health all in a glass of cocktail! Beyond the kale is prepared from Zubrowka Vodka, lime, and kale all stirred together. It’s a perfect cocktail that mixologists will gladly prepare to order with alcohol. It even has a non-alcoholic option. This bright and brilliant cocktail will surely surprise with its freshness and certainly makes a change from a Bloody Mary.

Bubble Bath

The bubble bath famous for its frothing and bubbling bright pink colour. The drink is a product of the creative experiment. It is prepared by mixing gin, Chambord, apple, Aperol, and a few secret ingredients. Sip this pink bubbling cocktail today and be sure to have a feel of a blend of the interesting flavors.

Chocolate Orange Sazarak

Looking for the perfect drink for Christmas? You should try out the Chocolate Orange Sazarak. All you need to make this beauty is chocolates, Martell vs. Brandy, orange zest, orange sazerac, Cointreau, Woodford reserve, and ice. After that, sit  back and enjoy the merry mood and equally merry drink!

Caramelized Rum Punch

Brewed with flames! Warmed in a metal pan gently over a burner then poured in a glass filled with ice. This cocktail is prepared with its signature rum, watermelon, Grand Marnier, lime, and pineapple to produce a delightful beverage that packs quite a punch. Be careful not to overindulge, despite how tasty it may be.

Light Bulb moment

Best served as the summer nostalgia, this fantastic cocktail is a mad mixing professor’s dream. A blend of Tanqueray gin, Pimms, lemon, mint, raspberry, and ginger beer. Chips of dry ice rise from the glass as you get this pleasant cocktail.

Conclusively, these cocktails are a must try for all! So, when you make the trip to any part of the UK whether you are on vacation, business, or a conference, take some time to enjoy your evening over one of these yummy drinks. You will be awed by its fabulous taste! And as a personal recommendation: try the bubble bath. I bet you, it will always be a moment to remember.