Delicious Food to Eat at an English Pub

We already know that pubs are known for their beers and the different kinds they have to offer. You can enjoy pretty much order any nice beverage at a typical English pub. The thing is though, what about food? What can you order that can finely accompany your beer?

Brits have so many different kinds of dishes to offer. Because England is so multi-cultural itself, you will find all kinds of food at an amazing quality. But, if you’re travelling for the first time to England, you are no doubt going to want to try some traditional English foods. Especially if you visit the most common English place to go: a pub. So, here’s a few suggestions on what you can order, as well as an idea of what you will find on a typical pub menu.

Fish and Chips

Everybody has heard about the famous “Fish and Chips,” the most commonly known English meal. It’s basically a hot dish that consists of fried battered fish and hot potatoes. It can be a normal takeaway meal, or a nice dinner meal to enjoy at a typical pub accompanied by your favorite beer.

Bangers and Mash

This dish is basically sausages with mashed potatoes, but they call them “bangers” because it’s a slang word for sausage. They’ll usually serve them with a variety of meat, such as pork, lamb, or beef sausage.

Scotch Egg

Scotch egg is a dish that consists of an egg with a runny texture that is wrapped by a breaded sausage patty which is, later on, thrown into the frying pan. It is also usually served with a hot curry dipping sauce, which they say, adds more of an authentic taste to it.

Pie and Mash

Pie and mash is also very typical. They can have fish pie, meat pies, and more. Usually, each pub makes their own pie, and their pies sometimes vary, depending on the day. So, if you want to order one of these, just ask the waiter what the pie of the day is. There are, however, certain pies filled with jellied eel, or even parsley liquor, which might sound a bit unappealing but, if you are feeling brave, go for it!

Brits also eat a lot of seafood. So, when you take a look at the typical pub menu, you’ll find a wide variety of seafood dishes such as small appetizers that include prawns, crayfish, smoked salmon, crab, scallops and oysters. For main dishes, you’ll be able to find fish pies with cod, smoked haddock, spiced salmon, sea bass fillets, and so forth. If you’re more into meat though, they will always have on the menu some classic burgers as well as proper rump steaks, and chicken schnitzel.

If you don’t eat fish or meat, however, pubs tend to offer a good variety of salads and vegetables, such as wild mushrooms with some sides of green spinach, tomato, or can be usually be accompanied with mash which can be mashed potatoes, mashed green peas, mashed sweet potatoes and so on.