Escape from London

Beduin Bar

Ever been out drinking in Morocco? Well there is no need if you are in the Farringdon area at the weekend. Here the warm red glow that fills the room of the modest sized bar here compliments the spices in the air. Enjoy the surroundings here which include decorative lampshades that help the ambience, quilted walls and of course many tassels in the cozy seating areas. If you are all about getting authentically Arabic you can enjoy your drink alongside a puff on some shisha, combining flavours on your tongue as you mix their cocktails with their flavoured smoke. Whether you want to relax and unwind a little or dance your heart out, the three floors here will have something for you.


In Covent Garden you can retreat not only to the past but to the US of A with this bar that nods heavily at the American diner. Not only can you expect a feature bar with nothing less than a motorbike sat on top of it but you will be commencing the night seeing only red white and blue thanks to their incorporation of all things American. Their food menu is stacked of course with huge burgers, sauce slathered hot dogs and piles of coated nachos all brought to you by friendly table service. Here their neon lights and on point entertainment will have you singing 80’s hits in no time whatsoever.

Liki Kane

Islington in North London is probably the last place you would expect to experience the tropics, but thanks to the designers at this cocktail bar you can quickly get whisked away into the rainforest. With an exotic theme that runs throughout featuring palms and plants flourishing from every corner while straw and bamboo coats the cool low hanging lights and novelty seating areas, this place will have you feeling warm as soon as you arrive. But the faux forest wallpaper isn’t where their expertise ends, in the first floor hideaway a line of brass distilling equipment invites customers to try their home brewed rum. Here you can pay for tasting tours and try out the sweet and spicy kicks all made in this tropical paradise well above the equator.

Shaka Zulu

This place really puts other theme bars to shame. Every inch of this enormous bar, which covers 27,000 square feet, is adorned with African style paintings, patterns and regalia. Once you wander into this huge open part place the imposing statues will stun you and wall mounted masks that you may have only seen in museums or movies will have you in awe of the incredible décor treatment. Meanwhile the African influence continues to the bar, with themed cocktails and a restaurant here, you can fully dive into the feel of Africa with little else needed. With rare game meats on the menu here, you can tuck into crocodile, ostrich, zebra and more before the night even begins. If you really want to experience and immersive theme this is the place to come.