Getting Fruity

After years of sitting in the same booth at your local pub, talking to the same people and concluding with the same forgetful walk home you may want some change. In order to spice up your drinking routine however you aren’t going to need to change your destination or your friendship group, instead there are many new flavours emerging behind the bar with your name on. If you are a fan of cider (or if you’ve just read The Fantastic Mr Fox) you will know that apples are usually the go to for this particular brew of beverage. Now in addition or in their absence a bunch of different juices are being added to this classic concoction to provide a different experience altogether. The crisp and almost dry sensation of cider, especially the budget varieties, can feel a little empty in the mouth but with more luscious and thirst quenching fruits being brought into the mix, you may find you have a new favourite. If you are keen to try something new, try some of these out next time you order.

Brothers – Toffee Apple

If you are still a little on the fence about subbing out your apples for oranges, or the many other fruits available, this little number is sure to help you Segway into the future. Made in the sunnier side of Britain down in Somerset where their accent is typical recognised as nothing other than ‘farmer’, this sweet spin on the drink hopes to bring a playful side to your mouth. Just like the common fairground treat, this cider is fruity and sweet all at the same time.

Smirnoff – Passionfruit and Lime

You may be more familiar with their line of vodka drinks, but the world’s biggest vodka brand Smirnoff are not afraid to venture out of their comfort zone as long as drinkers agree to do the same. This new mixture is part of their cider range and comes to bring the sharp and eye-opening hit that that they are known for. With the lime giving a lively kick and the passionfruit coming in with its exotic blend of tang and something delightfully sunny and fruity, this drink will wake you up on a sleepy Friday night.

Old Mout – Pomegranate and Strawberry

With the tangy citrus flavours complementing what you may expect from a cider already, the real fun comes when you start to add berries. This unquestionably juicy mix by Old Mout takes the very British strawberry and adds the fun foreign element of pomegranate. Drastically changing the colour and the flavour inside the bottle here, be careful you don’t forget it has alcohol inside.

Rekorderlig – Mango and Raspberry

The mango on its own here takes you far away from the apples that once were. Now with a vibrant Caribbean brightness in its place, add some slightly tart raspberry and you have Rekorderlig’s flavourful cider. These fruits work well together in many forms but sipping them in a fizzy pop is ideal. Again don’t fall prey to its delightful flavour, this will get you drunk, but you will enjoy every mouthful along the way.