Historic Bars to Visit in Ireland

Irish pubs are internationally recognized as some of the best in the world, not for their wild nightlife but for their good beer, warm atmosphere and friendly hospitality.  Not everyone in Ireland goes out at night, though vibrant pubs are a major feature of the community and local bars are highly regarded within the neighborhoods.  And of course, some pubs are better than others, and old ones seem to fall into the better category. With their creaky nooks and crannies as well as cool music and beer, they are among the most amazing places you could probably visit in Ireland.

The Brazen Head, Dublin

On its website, this bar claims to be the oldest pub in the whole of Ireland, dating back to 1198. Though this is highly debatable, there are signs that the pub is indeed very old and not much of the original structure stands today. Some century-old graffiti is still visible, and the barman can point it out to you if you ask. You will find that the walls of this place were built to bounce off the sound of music. The best dishes Ireland can provide are on the menu, too.  Among those who regularly visit the Brazen Head are writers Brendan Behan, Jonathan Swift, and James Joyce. Others include Robert Emmet, Daniel O’Connell, Wolfe Tone and Michael Collins.

Kyteler’s Inn, Kilkenny

One of the ancient pubs is the Kyteler’s Inn, with a wall that reminds you of the inside of an old castle. In this bar you will find stained glass windows, swords, wooden shelves, and animal heads. This place is believed to have been started in 1324 and is often referred to as the medieval pub.  Some of the foods served here are more of Irish tradition, and the beer is not so different. It is a nice place to stop by if you are looking for that ghostly atmosphere and architecture.

O’Donoghue’s, Dublin

Although many pubs in the capital are older than this spot, O’Donoghue’s history is quite hard to compete. The traditional session of this place is conducted in the front bar of this popular world-class music establishment. The Dubliners, a famous Irish act group, launched their career here.

A look at the pub gives you the feeling that it has remained untouched since it was built, especially with its regular nightly sessions and Victorian backroom look. If you want to have a better view of the musicians who grace the pub on a crowded night, there is a useful spot just to the right as you enter the building.

McHugh’s, Belfast

Gently settled on one of the streets of Belfast, McHugh’s is all about being Irish. With the live performance sessions, a huge footfall and an impressive whiskey collection, this pub is located in a comparatively very old building. With its huge wooden ceiling and lively evening clientele, it is said the venue has always been a pub since the 18th century. It is under national protection and the food served is beginning to attract favorable public attention as well. If you want the best taste of old Belfast, visit this pub right away.