Oldest Pubs in the UK

Whether you have been to the U.K, or you are planning to, you want to be sure to make the most of your trip. And, you cannot have a true, authentic British experience without visiting a local pub. Pubs so happen to be one of their favourite places to just have a drink, grab a bite, and have a good time with their friends. What would make the experience even more authentic, is visiting not just any random pub. What about, visiting the oldest pub in the entire country? Can’t get any more authentic than that, now can it? Here’s a list of the oldest pubs in all of the U.K.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

This pub, located in Nottingham, England, claim to be one of the oldest in the entire country, saying to have been established in 1189 AD. Unfortunately, there isn’t any documental evidence on this particular fact, but the rocky surface the pub is built against, suggests that it may have belonged to the famous Nottingham Castle, which dates back to 1067 AD.

The Skirrid Mountain Inn

Located in the small village of Llanvihangel Crucorney, Wales, we have The Skirrid Mountain Inn. They claim for this pub to have been in existence for over 900 years. The fascinating part of this pub, is its various legends. One of them being, that before it became a centre of drinking and recreation, the first floor of this building was a Courtroom used for trials and hanging criminals. Not the best scenario, but like I said, they are legends.

Sean’s Bar

Sean’s Bar, located in Athlone, Ireland, dates back to 900 C.E and was also recorded in the Guinness World Records book as the oldest pub in all of Ireland. This pub holds a record of all its previous owners, as early as it can go. And, in 1970, when they decided to renovate the pub, they discovered that the walls were made of two materials that date back to the tenth century, as well as some coins as well. Once discovered, they took part of this wall and made it part of the National Museum’s collection. But don’t worry. They saved a section of it themselves for their locals to also appreciate.

Sheep Heid Inn

Located in Duddingston, Edinburgh, Scotland, it was apparently established before 1360. If this fact is true, it makes it the oldest pub in all of Scotland. The Sheep Heid Inn witnessed some historical national events. It was standing during the Covenanting years, as well as during the Jacobite Army. Knowing that this little place was a part of these events, gives it more of a significance. A cool feature of this pub as well, is that it is home of an old-fashioned bowling alley that dates back to 1870.

Visiting a pub in the U.K is a definite must. But, visiting not just an old, but the oldest pub, and knowing everything it went through, discovered, and witnessed, will turn a normal outing into a memory that no one could ever forget.