The Best Cocktail Bars in London

Everyone in England loves a good cocktail and because of that, the cocktail business in the U.K is booming. There are always new bars and pubs opening up all of the time. When wanting to enjoy a good drink, the only problem is figuring out which bar you want to visit. Whether you’re looking for a hotel bar, casino bar, or a standalone, you have plenty of options. Here’s a list of the best cocktail bars in London to get your hands on some of the best cocktails that London has to offer.

Rivoli Bar at The Ritz

Rivoli Bar at The Ritz Hotel is an intimate cocktail lounge that provides a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle found out on the streets of London. The bar features an impressive selection of fine wines and Champagnes, as well as a delightful menu with meal options ranging from club sandwiches to caviar. The Ritz is famous for their best-selling cocktail, the Ritz 110, which was created to celebrate their 110th birthday. This cocktail bar wants guests to feel right at home, so you can order up your favorite cocktail or allow them to impress you by serving you up one of their delicious creations. The staff is definitely there to serve you. This is the perfect bar to let loose at when visiting London, because when you’re finished wining and dining at the bar, you can make your way up to one of the fine suites the hotel has to offer.

Hippodrome Casino Balcony Bar

The cocktail bar at the Hippodrome Casino is one of the most popular bars in London, as the casino is the biggest and most busiest in the U.K. The Hippodrome, one of the largest casino operators in the country, features five gaming floors, six bars, and 24 hour food and drink access. You can hundreds of tempting games from slots and Blackjack to 3-Card Poker. After you’ve played your heart out at the casino, you can head on over to one of the six upscale bars and have some of the best English drinks available. Order yourself a Martini or Bloody Mary and sip the night away. If you’ve still got your game face on, you can head back to the Hippodrome casino or make your way to your hotel room to enjoy spins on your smartphone. This cocktail bar is one of London’s most frequented because casino lovers enjoy playing while sipping a nice cocktail. All six bars are open very late, and at least one of the bars is always open all night serving up a 24-hour menu.

Hippodrome Casino Balcony Bar


Bar Swift located in Soho in London is a fancy cocktail bar perfect for a first date. Complete with both an upstairs and downstairs bar, this cocktail bar has several options and offers something to suit everyone’s taste. Swift’s upstairs bar is great for a spontaneous drink, as they serve a short menu of light cocktails and wine. Their downstairs bar is basically a whisky library where you have your choice of only the finest whisky. Downstairs has a more lengthy cocktail menu showcasing all spirits and is more for the heavier drinkers. On weekends, you can enjoy live blues and jazz music while enjoying a stiff cocktail downstairs. Swift does operate on a reservations system, so be sure to call and make arrangements before showing up. This cocktail bar has a world class drink team that is there to wait on your every need. This is truly one of the best bars in London and everyone who’s anyone has made an appearance.

Satan’s Whiskers

Satan’s Whiskers looks a bit down in the dumps from the outside, but on the inside, it is one of London’s best cocktail bars with some of the best drinks in the city. The bar has a modern setting and plays the hottest hip hop hits. This cocktail bar is very high end, but super laid back. The drink list here changes daily, which attracts a live crowd of cocktail enthusiasts out each night. The best time to frequent Satan’s Whiskers would be on Thursday nights, as the weekends start early in their deck of the woods. Live local DJs like to make appearances on the weekend and get the place jumping. The bar is always very well stocked and the cocktail menu features everything from Pina Coladas to Amaretto Sours and whisky. This is definitely one bar in London that is relaxing and welcoming, and you definitely will enjoy yourself and a nice cocktail here.

Satan’s Whiskers

Final words

Whether you are looking to relax in a quaint hotel while sipping fine wine or you’re wanting to dance to some great tunes while enjoying a mixed drink, these bars have got you covered. When in London, you have tons of choices when it comes to cocktails that it really comes down to the type of scene and vibe you are wanting for the night. The saying goes ‘So many cocktails, so little time,’ and when in London, you may want to visit as many bars as possible to taste as many cocktails as you can!