The Best English Breweries

We’ve got our coffee lovers. We’ve got our tea lovers. Wine lovers. And of course, our famous beer lovers. And for the beer lovers out there, we bring you a list of the best breweries in the UK that we know you would be more than happy to visit.

Verdant Brewing and Co.

Located in Kergiliack is Verdant Brewing and Co, which is a small business only run by three gentlemen. Founded in 2015, they have been known to be probably the best beers in all of England. Might be worth the trip.

Cloudwater Brew Co.

Located in Manchester, this brewery is quite unique. Its beer changes along with the seasons. They dedicate to using seasonal ingredients to produce fine beer, giving it a special flavour.

Old Chimneys Brewery

This one being a little older, founded in 1995 by Alan Thomson is known for how the brewery is carried out, which is entirely by hand. No mechanical help at all, and of course, this contributes to its authentic flavour. Plus, the products used for the breweries are one hundred percent natural.

DEYA Brewing Company

These guys take aroma and clarity very seriously, as well as using unpasteurized products, making it ideal for vegans. They take every single detail into consideration when making their beer, so that each and every one could be just as great as the previous one.

Odyssey Brew Co.

The cool thing about this brewery is that they are always experimenting, and constantly trying something new. They’ve always got new updates, new brews, and they seem to be quite unpredictable. If you want to plan a visit though, you will have to set an appointment, as they tend to get a lot of visitors.

Neon Raptor Brewing Co.

This company started out from a small kitchen, to winning a competition in 2015, motivating them to pursue this business. The beer that got them to win though, was one called, “endangered”. They dedicate to producing different kinds of beers that they know will please all types of audiences so, be sure that you will find a beer you like here.

The Kernel Brewery

This brewery is easily accessible as it is located in the centre of London. Unfortunately, though, if you visit this brewery, do not be expecting to have a glass of their beer, as they only sell their bottles now due to the countless number of visitors they would receive. They do, however, sell their beer in various locations

Lost and Found

Located in the heart of Brighton, this brewery is quite excellent. Mainly because, it sticks to its roots, and its traditions. That does not mean they do not like to experiment but, they do love to continue with their true beginnings in order to maintain their authenticity.

Northern Monk

Back in the day, monks were known for producing mouth-watering beer. Their techniques were definitely one of a kind and that is what this brewery tries to follow. The thousands of years that monks dedicated to brewing, Northern Monk takes these methods and combines them in using local and international ingredients, making their beer one that everyone should try, even if you are not exactly a beer lover.