The Most Expensive Beers in the UK

The Most Expensive Beers in the UK

We all have been at such a moment when a party is on a peak and we stop counting money. The next day might be a little scary when you take a look at your balance of credit card and find out you paid too much that one cocktail. However, have you ever wondered how much cost the most expensive bottle of beer? Join us on this virtual trip throughout the most expensive bars, pubs, and brewers in the United Kingdom to find out what is the most luxurious pint of an ordinary beer.

Bars and Hotels

The well-known bar London bar “Craft Beer Co.” is considered as one of the top-notch bars in the capital city. There is no surprise that a standard glass of beer costs around £23. Of course, snacks are not included, and you have to leave tips for a waiter, so prepare yourself to pay double. Another recognizable place is “The Rake” bar located in Borough Market. The most expensive pint of a beer is Cloudwater’s North West Double IPA and one glass costs almost £14. Luckily, the menu has a lot of beer options with ordinary prices.

The Ritz London hotel is an iconic place featured in many historical events, books, and movies, as a result, the prices of accommodation are extremely high. The same level of prices you will find at the menu of the Ritz bar. A very ordinary option of 330ml bottles of Saltaire Brewery Stout or Meantime London Pale Ale will cost around £10 per glass, but you can feel like Winston Churchill here, so the experience is worth it. The hotel of Connaught is called the fanciest and expensive one in Mayfair because everything here is reveling the top class and quality. If you decided to try their luxurious bar, you should know that the average price per glass of some typical English ale is around £11. As always, tips are not included, so be polite and do not forget them.


Northern Monk is an independent brewery located in Leeds. They declare that their mission is to produce the best beer and give their customers the best drinking experiences. The managers of this brewery are great activists and promoting the polite beer culture in the United Kingdom. The brewery that is settled at the UK’s highest peak, Ben Nevis, is open for visitors to get familiar with the traditional monastic brewing values and to see the ways how the highest quality beers are preparing.


In November of 2019, this brewery has launched the limited edition of beer that costs £1000 per one bottle of 330ml. Four beer-makers hiked the very peak of Ben Nevis with full equipment and ingredients, prepared a beer in one old whiskey barrel, and left it there for two months. The liquid has been naturally prepared by different pressure and mountain air. Finally, they took that barrel back to the brewery and bottled this beer, as a result, there are just 50 bottles. The final amount after selling all of them will be donated to the North Foundation.