Top Distilleries to Visit in Scotland

Scotland is famous for many things like the tartars and Nessie, but besides the cold summers and windy hills, Scotland is also the home of some of the best alcohol in the world. The region has a very long history of producing whiskey and scotch and the country abounds with distilleries. Visiting one of these establishments is a very cool vacation experience because you will get the chance to see how your favorite type of alcohol is made by the big brands or by the smaller entrepreneurs. The options are countless and this is why we listed some of the best in order to give you an authentic Scottish experience.

Places to Set Foot in

Glenfiddich is one of the most famous types of whiskey in the world and the main distillery is located in an historic building in beautifully named Dufftown! The surroundings are very pleasant, and you will definitely get a taste of the Scottish atmosphere. The unique thing here is the Solera system used in this distillery which you can observe when you take the tour inside the building and then of course the best part when you get to taste from a very wide selection of their whiskeys.

Aberlour is one of the oldest distilleries in the world and once you enter the tour you will hear stories about the Druids that settled here and how the first distillery was opened. This type of whiskey is extremely good resulting in many prizes and awards for the quality and taste. During the tour you will be followed by a guide that will offer you a taste of some of the best types of whiskey they have, and you will also have explained some of the methods behind this distilling process.

Edradour is the smallest traditional distillery in Scotland and visiting here is like going back in time so it is definitely worth it. It first opened its doors in 1825 and amazingly it hasn’t stopped working for a second since then. Be careful when you plan to visit because their tours only run from April to October. The area is very beautiful, adding to the appeal of this location and you will definitely enjoy seeing the old school style of making whiskey.

Glenfarclas is definitely one of a kind, being one of the few independent distilleries in Scotland and run as a family business. It is especially interesting to visit because the owner has kept the original and traditional cellars and the old wooden barrels. In addition, there is an interesting visitor center showing how this distillery was actually one of the first to open in Scotland.

The Glenlivet is the place to visit if you want to hear the story of illegal smuggling and hard times. The distillery has been producing whiskey since the 19th century but it is also surrounded by three smuggling routes you can visit that were used before the “official” opening of the distillery. Enjoy this or any of the many wonderful locations as you explore this historic country.