Traditional English Cocktails

Pimm’s Cup

Pimm’s has got to be the most popular British cocktail there is. It is a personal favorite for the locals and you can order this fresh and fruity cocktail in any pub really. Brits consider that the Pimm’s cup cocktail is meant to be drunk in summer, due to its fresh and citrus ingredients which include: cucumbers, oranges, lemons, and ginger ale. Some people substitute ginger ale for sprite, but the freshness remains the same.

White Lady

Brits use loads of gin in their cocktails. It is very typical, and though. It was named after a very beautiful and captivating woman called Harry MacElhone. She was met while working at a club called Ciro’s Club in 1919. Therefore, this drink has been around for quite some time. And although this cocktail has a soft and delicate name, the taste is rather strong. It contains Plymouth gin, as well as Combier or Cointreau. Because of the lemon juice they add to it, it certainly gives a sour twist to the flavor. And, unlike any other ordinary cocktail, this one contains an egg white, in order to give it its special milky and creamy texture.

Dubbonet Cocktail

You can feel like royalty while drinking this cocktail, as it happens to be Queen Elizabeth’s favorite cocktail! Its simplicity is what makes it so special. It has a perfect blend of Dubonnet Rogue’s and dry gin, which you could add perfectly with some thin orange or lemon slices. It’s perfect for appetizers, as well as a small dinner party.

MacDonald Windsor SL4

You could already tell by the name that this cocktail is proper British. It is also to be considered a royal cocktail, as it was made in Queen Elizabeth’s II name for her 60th anniversary. Its name came from the address of the Windsor Castle and hotel. The color is a deep violet/blue sort of shade thanks to its Sapphire gin, as well as its Blue Curacao and cranberry juice, giving it a touch of fruitiness.

Regent’s Punch

This particular cocktail is more of a tea-infused drink and holds an elegance unlike any other beverage. It makes a fancy centerpiece for any special occasion, and the flavor is quite unique, as the different kinds of alcohol mixed in blend harmoniously. The ingredients include some Jamaican rum, cognac, champagne, arrack liquor, two tea bags, and some sliced oranges and lemons along with cube-cut pineapples.

Martin Miller’s Gin and Tonic

Like I said before, gin and tonic are typical in England and almost all cocktails contain it. Martin Miller’s is a classic one. Although this drink does not originate from England itself but rather, from Holland, it is definitely a cocktail that Brits know among themselves, as it is widely drunk throughout the U.K. This beverage has a smooth taste with a crisp finish.


Bramble is also known to be a classic British cocktail. You’ll literally find it under the “classics” section on the menu. This beverage blends perfectly both contrasts-sour and sweet. It has fresh lemon slices and blackberries with some sugar syrup but, it has the dry and sour taste of the gin and lemon juice.