Why Are Bar’s Called Pubs?

Pubs or public houses are similar to bars because they both have the same kind of business. Bars are special places where alcoholic drinks like beer, ale are served. Also, alcoholic beverages are common in pubs, but you can also find non-alcoholic drinks like tea, coffee, soda and even lemonade. Bars and pubs are subject to the laws of the country where they are located and can be closed down for breach of license. Pubs also serve snacks like pies, chips, and burgers, but most bars deal strictly on different kinds of alcohol.

Bars are typical and are common in towns and cities all over the world. But pubs are mainly found in English-speaking countries like England, the United States, Ireland, Canada, and Scotland. Pubs can be the primary point of attraction and entertainment in smaller villages and towns especially in England. Some of the pub owners hire bands, singers, and entertainers for special nights to entertain their guests. Pubs can also be called an Inn if there is a provision for people to sleep over at night. However, bar owners also have special nights where they hire performers to entertain their guests. But you can rarely find a bar that has rooms for people to sleep over at night.

Pubs and bars are owned and managed in almost the same way. Breweries and local beer craft owners can own some pubs themselves, just like bars. And just like bars, pubs can be managed as franchises of a large company (especially catering companies). Pubs are managed by a “Landlady” or “Landlord’. Various workers carry out various other functions in pubs, unlike the bar where you only find bartenders. In pubs, the bartenders are also called “Barmaids” or “Barmen”, they serve the drinks to the customers who order their drink and return to their seating area while waiting to be served.

In bars, there are counters with high stools where you seat and get served immediately. You can also find these counters in pubs, but there is another seating arrangement for those who are looking to have their food or snacks. Pubs make use of waiters and waitress to serve those who seats in the eating areas, these waiters also clear the table and take away empty plates, bottles, and glasses. Bartenders do this in bars too. Pubs that also serve food and snacks to their customers hire cooks and dishwashers to take care of al food reparations. The management does not usually employ the bands and other performers that play in pubs or bars. The two parties sign a contract or agreement for the performers to entertain the guests regularly or on special occasions in exchange for money or publicity.

The similarities in the kind of services rendered in pubs and bars are the reason why they are interchanged. However, there is a profound difference between the two although their primary purpose is the provision of drinks and entertainment to the public. Pubs have a homey vibe to them and provide a nice entertainment space for families.